Top 10 fish for Christmas

Below is a list we have compiled of the top 10 fish and shellfish we can offer you for Christmas 2018. We base our list on 20 years of selling fish at Christmas and what’s the best quality right now!

1: Fishrjumpin’ smoked salmon 

Every year, we hold a tasting session to review competitively-priced smoked salmon from many smokehouses. The favoured pack becomes our FishRjumpin choice. Good value is essential, but taste and texture are the prerequisites. Our new selection in July 2018, was an easy winner.

2: Smoked Eel

Probably the finest smoked fish of all… well worth the rather steep price. Our eel is smoked in the UK. Some people like the delicate thin fillets from smaller eel which will give you up to five fillets per 100g. Others prefer strapping great fillets from large eel – where your 100g pack might contain only half a fillet. So we offer a choice (although we will not always have both in stock). Our eel is supplier is a member of the Sustainable Eel Group.

3: Peeled Scampih

Scampi is the meat from inside the tail of the langoustine. These grades are rarely seen outside the smartest restaurants and hotels, and despite the prices, peeled scampi is one of our most popular items. The Scottish scampi is unsurpassed. XL size contains about 12 pieces of scampi per 190g pack – that’s around 16 grams each, which is a serious mouthful. Size L (when available) are about 10g each – which is still a huge piece of scampi. Our peeled scampi is unique because we use no glaze (added water) when freezing. We always sell 100% scampi and will never compromise on this. If you like a coated oven bake scampi we also offer great battered scampi and breaded scampi options.

4: Rock Lobster

Food of the gods! Also known as crawfish, the rock lobster has no claws, so we sell just the tail. Unless you’re dead set on the visual spectacle of a traditional lobster with claws, rock lobster is the best way to enjoy this fish. About 90% of the weight is meat, whereas in a clawed lobster, you only get about 33% meat. And the meat is much easier to deal with, being in a single substantial piece rather than divided up between the tail and claws. The shell is easy to remove following the instructions included on our label. Our rock lobsters are from the Caribbean, usually the Bahamas or Nicaragua.

5: Smoked Salmon Side

Our smoked salmon sides are smoked using Scottish fish. The sides are long sliced. This means they are horizontally sliced from the bottom of the fillet to the top and you will get luxurious 30cm – 50cm slices of smoked salmon. A 1 kg side of smoked salmon will generously feed 10 people. You will be delivered the side of salmon vacuum packed on a gold board. When serving the side cut it from the plastic but leave it on the board, it will make it easier to serve the salmon.

6: Potted Shrimps

The genuine Morecambe Bay article ready to eat, in clarified butter. The traditional accompaniment is a generous pile of thinly sliced bread and butter and a pot of tea. But you should try tipping a pot onto a very hot crispy baked potato. We have a new contender. It has a slightly lower shrimp content but our taste test rated it at least the equal of our longstanding offering. Fancy something similar but different?… have you seen our potted crab?

7: Keta – Salmon Roe

Keta is a beautiful, bright orange salted salmon roe – also known as saviar – from wild Alaskan salmon. Its intense taste means you should use it sparingly. Great for garnish and sushi. Keta comes in a jar and is one of our few products which is not frozen (although you can freeze it.) It’s pasteurised, so our stock would always have three months of shelf life and usually a lot more. It’s good for 10 days after opening. We normally have two grades – most people would find the difference between hard shell and soft shell slight, but we like to keep everyone happy.

8: Best North Atlantic Peeled Prawns

These prawns from Greenland have been one of our best selling lines for over 20 years. Cooked and ready to eat. We have tasted many cold water prawns and have absolutely no doubt that these are the finest. These are the pink prawns that you commonly fine in prawn cocktails and salads. They are sweet and soft. Our cold water prawns are almost always MSC certified making them a great sustainability choice.

9: White Crab Meat

We sell many kinds of white crab meat from all over the world, including from snow crab and king crab. They all have their fans but this fine English crab meat, which we source from Devon and Cornwall, is always the most popular: the big luscious chunks from the claws of good old brown crabs are very hard to beat. Our crab claw meat is hand-picked to order at the quayside in the West Country. This crab meat is cooked, we will only ever sell you cooked crab meat as it has to be cooked to extract it from the shell.

10: Dressed Crab

The meat has been expertly extracted then replaced into a cleaned crab shell. You will find cheaper dressed crab, but they won’t taste anything like ours, which contains 50% best white claw meat, and is topped with a peeled claw. The weight specified is the weight of the meat only. Our dressed crabs are prepared by Cornish experts whose only job it is to prepare crabs to order. We are very generous with the prime white claw meat, you will also find white crab body meat and brown crab meat as the base layer in the shell. When you defrost the dressed crab make sure to fluff up the white meat on top before serving.


December 2018 Brochure

Our top picks for Christmas 2018

Plat des fruits de mer

That’s our plat des fruits de mer – a selection of scrumptious shellfish to excite the eye as much as the tastebuds. It’s always popular at Christmas. It contains eight kinds of shellfish.

The obvious Christmas favourites … prawns, smoked salmon, lobster … are right here. Amongst them we have included a few other items much favoured by fish-lovers at Christmas – scampi, caviar, black cod and king crab.

Customer favourites from last Christmas

Is it a fish? Is it a light?

Uggi lights

Definitely both. We have sold these amazing lights made from dried cod skins for many years. At £700 each, they are not a volume item, but the customers are always very pleased. Our latest is a young architect in Lyons, France, en route to where, his light went missing for a week, courtesy of the French post service. After that anxiety (on our part too), he was super delighted when it turned up. We thought he was buying it for a client. But no, it was for his very own flat. Three days later, he sent us these pictures. They display his delight very well, so we thought we should share them with you.

Like my new john dory?

You’d be impressed by my collection of objects de poisson. I have a tin whistle decorated with piranha dentures (I don’t use it in public) and a pair of dried cod lights (available on our site at just £700), many other weirds and a few wonderfuls. My latest acquisition is definitely a wonderful. This John Dory was made by a friend of my son, who welds air-conditioning ducts by day and indulges his arty side at night. Before it arrived I thought I might put it up for sale on our site, but I like it too much. However, if you’d like something similar, check out @ginobones on Instagram. Or just be inspired to order a fillet of wonderful John Dory.

Sashimi grade – super frozen – fresh vs frozen – nigiri, maguro, ebi….confused?

The world of sushi and sashimi can be confusing. We’re going to try and simplify it a little bit by looking at some of the buzzwords, trends & cuts.

Sashimi grade – Contrary to what many people believe there is no unified body that identifies and grades sashimi grade vs no sashimi grade fish. Sashimi grade is a term that is applied by wholesalers to their fish to distinguish their top quality seafood from the more run of the mill offering. 

Super frozen – Super frozen has been working its way on to the periphery of the mainstream sushi and sashimi industry over the past 12 months. Super frozen sashimi is where the fish is frozen quickly after capture at -60.c. That’s really cold when you consider conventional freezers chill to -18.c. Advocates of superfrozen claim that freezing to -60.c stops any degrading of the fishes cell structure and maintains the colour of the fish which would lead to the best raw eating experience. Super frozen has definitely caught our interest and we may look to introduce a few lines in early 2019.  

Fresh vs frozen – A European Union regulation states that all fish that is being sold for raw eating (sushi & sashimi) has be frozen at -20.c for at least 24 hours.  Our ethos when freezing fish for sashimi is to process the fish as quickly after capture as possible to preserve the freshness. 

See our full sashimi range

Monkfish liver: Ankimo

Monkfish liver for dinner, how does that make you feel? A little queasy? Well to many it produces the opposite feeling – a hunger in the belly and a watering mouth.

Monkfish liver

To our knowledge the most common way of cooking monkfish liver is by a traditional Japanese method. The dish is called ‘Ankimo’. They prepare the liver by peeling it. It’s then soaked in cold water, drained, dried and marinated in sake. The liver is then wrapped and steamed. We’ve seen a few alternatives where they have wrapped the liver in cling film and sous vided it. There are many different variations to the recipe. It’s best for you to read a few and pick the one that best suits your skills, taste and equipment as we don’t all have a sous vide kit and totally obscure Japanese ingredients to hand.

kfish liver - Ankimo

Here are a few Ankimo recipes that we thought looked interesting.

  1. Steamed Ankimo Recipe 
  2. Monkfish liver terrine with ponzu sauce
  3. Sous-vide Monkfish Liver

This is a useful video that shows how to prep the liver. Regardless of the method you choose this should help.

As far as we can tell, we’re the only source of whole fresh frozen monkfish liver on the internet. You can find and buy tinned monkfish liver but this will have been pre-cooked and would be no good for this style of dish.

To buy monkfish liver go to: Fresh Monkfish Liver