Is it a fish? Is it a light?

Uggi lights

Definitely both. We have sold these amazing lights made from dried cod skins for many years. At £700 each, they are not a volume item, but the customers are always very pleased. Our latest is a young architect in Lyons, France, en route to where, his light went missing for a week, courtesy of the French post service. After that anxiety (on our part too), he was super delighted when it turned up. We thought he was buying it for a client. But no, it was for his very own flat. Three days later, he sent us these pictures. They display his delight very well, so we thought we should share them with you.

Like my new john dory?

You’d be impressed by my collection of objects de poisson. I have a tin whistle decorated with piranha dentures (I don’t use it in public) and a pair of dried cod lights (available on our site at just £700), many other weirds and a few wonderfuls. My latest acquisition is definitely a wonderful. This John Dory was made by a friend of my son, who welds air-conditioning ducts by day and indulges his arty side at night. Before it arrived I thought I might put it up for sale on our site, but I like it too much. However, if you’d like something similar, check out @ginobones on Instagram. Or just be inspired to order a fillet of wonderful John Dory.

Sashimi grade – super frozen – fresh vs frozen – nigiri, maguro, ebi….confused?

The world of sushi and sashimi can be confusing. We’re going to try and simplify it a little bit by looking at some of the buzzwords, trends & cuts.

Sashimi grade – Contrary to what many people believe there is no unified body that identifies and grades sashimi grade vs no sashimi grade fish. Sashimi grade is a term that is applied by wholesalers to their fish to distinguish their top quality seafood from the more run of the mill offering. 

Super frozen – Super frozen has been working its way on to the periphery of the mainstream sushi and sashimi industry over the past 12 months. Super frozen sashimi is where the fish is frozen quickly after capture at -60.c. That’s really cold when you consider conventional freezers chill to -18.c. Advocates of superfrozen claim that freezing to -60.c stops any degrading of the fishes cell structure and maintains the colour of the fish which would lead to the best raw eating experience. Super frozen has definitely caught our interest and we may look to introduce a few lines in early 2019.  

Fresh vs frozen – A European Union regulation states that all fish that is being sold for raw eating (sushi & sashimi) has be frozen at -20.c for at least 24 hours.  Our ethos when freezing fish for sashimi is to process the fish as quickly after capture as possible to preserve the freshness. 

See our full sashimi range

Monkfish liver: Ankimo

Monkfish liver for dinner, how does that make you feel? A little queasy? Well to many it produces the opposite feeling – a hunger in the belly and a watering mouth.

Monkfish liver

To our knowledge the most common way of cooking monkfish liver is by a traditional Japanese method. The dish is called ‘Ankimo’. They prepare the liver by peeling it. It’s then soaked in cold water, drained, dried and marinated in sake. The liver is then wrapped and steamed. We’ve seen a few alternatives where they have wrapped the liver in cling film and sous vided it. There are many different variations to the recipe. It’s best for you to read a few and pick the one that best suits your skills, taste and equipment as we don’t all have a sous vide kit and totally obscure Japanese ingredients to hand.

kfish liver - Ankimo

Here are a few Ankimo recipes that we thought looked interesting.

  1. Steamed Ankimo Recipe 
  2. Monkfish liver terrine with ponzu sauce
  3. Sous-vide Monkfish Liver

This is a useful video that shows how to prep the liver. Regardless of the method you choose this should help.

As far as we can tell, we’re the only source of whole fresh frozen monkfish liver on the internet. You can find and buy tinned monkfish liver but this will have been pre-cooked and would be no good for this style of dish.

To buy monkfish liver go to: Fresh Monkfish Liver



Our new website

As you may or may not know we have been working on updating our website over the last 6 months. We are pleased to say we have launched and gone live. It is a sleaker, neater version of the old website.

There are a few things that you need to know.

Returning customers need to set a new password

You can reset your password at the checkout or in your account area. Reset it by clicking ‘forgot your password?’, you will be sent an email with a link to reset it. If this does not work please call us on 01428 687768 or email

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We have lowered our UK frozen delivery charges

<£50      £10.00
<£75        £7.50
<£100      £5.00
<£125      £2.50
>£125         free

Loyalty discounts, bonus points and credits have been combined

Loyalty discounts, credits and bonus points have been rolled into one system. When you shop, you will earn loyalty points on each item you buy. Each point is worth 2p. If you have an outstanding credit with us it has been transferred across to your new account ready for use.

Saver packs work a bit differently

Saver packs will work in tiers. If a product is eligible for a saving, it will say buy ‘X’ number to get it at ‘Y’ price. This way you have more flexibility over your saving.

Save your card details

You can save your card details when at the checkout. This should make your future shopping experience much faster. We do not save your card details, our payment processor Stripe does this on their encrypted servers. This feature is optional, you choose whether or not you would like to use this at the checkout.

Have some fun on the site!

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August 2018 Brochure

The Fish Society go on a fishing trip

Each year the Fish Society have a day out for our ‘Christmas party’. Christmas party I hear you say… Because we are so busy in December when companies normally do their Christmas do’s we arrange ours for summer.

Luckily for us it was an incredible day and it was good fishing. Below are a few photos of our day out.