Welcome to The Fish Society

Welcome to the start of an intriguing journey between us at The Fish Society (providers of the highest quality fish and fish-related produce) and you our members, as we call our customers.

My name is Chris and I’m a professional writer (of which more later). Every week I’ll be speaking with James – The Fish Society founder – and he’ll be relaying to me all the crucial goings-on – or possibly just those fit to publish. He says he’s tried to do his own blog, but everyday crises always intervene.

When I called James today, he’d just put the phone down on an enquiry from the Lebanon. A softly-spoken Arabic gent called seeking 120 caviar spoons for a banquet in Beirut.

He might be soft-spoken but he sure knows what he wants… er, no we don’t want the size you have in stock, we want the size you do not have in stock. We want them a week today. And we want free samples first!

Hmm…. funny you didn’t mention the three fiery hoops you’d like to see us jump through. Before you buy elsewhere. Do we need this?

Scallop mornay…click the photo to buy from our QUICKnEASY shop

Meanwhile a huge batch of scallop mornays has just come back from Sara at Pesto, the fancy caterer round the corner who hand makes this and several other dishes for The Fish Society. 350 mornays have arrived. You have no idea how much organising this production run took, never mind the hard work that went into scrubbing out those scallop shells! But today is the culmination – a serious stock in hand will enable us to have a real push on this item, which is absolutely unique to us and we are very proud of it, not to mention of how it came about, which we’ll tell you about in a later blog. Meanwhile, Jim, who scrubbed out all those scallop shells a few weeks ago is now vacuum-packing 350 mornays. HURRY UP JIM!

Each in a real and beautiful Scallop shell – an impressive 4 to 5 inches across – first, potato is carefully piped around the edge, then two whole king scallops are dropped in and covered with that extra-special Mornay sauce.

Look out for a mornay promo any day now!


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