Radio Smoked Haddock

The highlight of James’ week was nothing to do with fish! It was finishing early on a smoked haddock day to nip up to London with his wife and watch a live recording of Radio 4’s News Quiz.

James: “You get the tickets by ballot. I applied several months ago and had forgotten all about it until a text turned up saying the Beeb was looking forward to seeing me at the recording ‘tomorrow'”. So I searched my emails and there were the tickets. They had arrived a month ago and had been overlooked during a busy week. The recording was very funny. I was only surprised they had enough clean bits to make a broadcastable programme.”

Check out these beauties: Smoked Haddock fillet steaks — click the pic for more details

Back to the job that James had left behind to watch Sandy Toksvig and co – portioning-up smoked haddock fillets. A three month supply had arrived and each fillet has to be carefully judged and cut in just the right places to make the best of it. Four cuts per fillet. Then sort and grade the cuts. It takes about a minute to deal with each fillet.Three months’ worth of fillets is quite a stint!

It’s a job that stays with you for a while: your hands smell of smoked fish for hours. In fact the person next to James at the News Quiz recording asked her partner if he could smell fish. It’s a good job Jeremy Hardy didn’t hear. Imagine where that would have gone. James, on the other hand, didn’t say a word.

The Beirut caviar spoons enquiry didn’t go anywhere. But then another enquiry arrived for  200 Caviar spoons. So James decided to make a bold decision. Read on.


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