Who needs 2.5 inches when you can have 4?

No sooner had the man from Beirut disappeared off the radar screen – when his request for free samples of four inch caviar spoons was rejected – than A N Other turned up, also looking for 100 caviar spoons. “Er, two and a half inch?”.

No way Jose. If you’re splashing out on caviar, only the 4 inchers will do.

“Sorry, but we don’t have 100 of those in stock.”

Oh, you’re such a disappointment.

I bet her client drives one of those silly new Range Rovers with the crushed back.

However, losing the sales of 200 caviar spoons in ten days has to be a bit of a signpost. James is onto his man in deepest China for some four inchers.

Stand by, status seekers… Whatever you drive.



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