Fish Soc meets Facebook

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On the day of Facebook’s IPO, James is almost as excited as investors. Three weeks ago, The Fish Society was offered a one month trial package of Facebook advertising. James struggled to say no. But he did not succeed.

And this week it’s started. 80,000 “exposures”. 3,000 clicks. 80 fans. (And 1 agency offering the same package for a tenth of the price.)

Zero orders.

“Orders?”, said the consultants. “Orders?!” As if it was a dirty word. “This isn’t about orders. Oh no. [Get real.] This, old man, is about exposure. Enter the zeitgeist! Join the beautiful people! Orders? please don’t mention orders. Oh, and er, pay here.”

What Lord Leverhulme said about advertising is true. Except for the proportions.

And then it happened…the magic Facebook code appeared on an order!

And not just any old order, but a decent one. £130!


Lord Leverhulme. Huh! What did he know?

He probably checked more carefully, before he got too excited.

Er, hang on a minute. This order also got a loyalty discount.

Loyalty? You mean they’re a returning customer? NOT A NEW CUSTOMER?

Er, yes.

So let me get this right, so far, we’ve paid £400 for this advertising with one result in terms of attributable sales. Which is that we gave a £13 discount we don’t think we needed to give.

Yup. You pays your money and Mark Zuckerberg carts it away.


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