New Jellies Coming Soon

This week’s tasting went beyond fish. The stars of the show were Gooseberry and Tarragon jelly, and Apple and Fennel jelly “with a shot of Sambuca”. James came across these when his daughter bought him a pot of award-winning Cranfields marmalade for his birthday. It was so good he looked Cranfields up and bought some more. And in comparing notes with them about online retailing, the universe and all that… Cranfields recommended the jellies as being perfect for fish.

The co-stars were cod goujons – a slightly off-agenda item for The Fish Soc – “As close as we get to a fish finger… I’ve never tasted them before… I thought I ought to..” said James.

The goujons were, to be honest, not a tearaway success except with Jim, the Fish Soc’s eat anything hero (he likes caviar too). You can see the results on their Facebook page.

The jellies however received UNIVERSAL ACCLAIM. They will surely be on offer very, very soon. Once the ticklish question of getting Sarah to make them or buying from Cranfields is resolved.

James! How could you be so heartless?!? Cranfields inspire you with their sensational unique flavours… then you dump them for a second rate substitute?

James: “I wish business decisions could always be based on sentiment.”


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