Can you get me some…?

Today, James is full of Nile Perch. “A nice meaty fillet steak, with a dense consistency similar to monkfish when raw. Sometimes approaching two inches thick. Looks more like pork than fish. In fact, even my fish?-you-must-be kidding?-son was willing to give it a try.”

Apparently it’s a relative of the famous Australian barramundi, which is not in fact quite as Strine as the Strines would have you believe. Now the thing about barramundi is that they can grow bigger than people, and although such examples are desperately rare these days, nevertheless, they are still landed on the large side of large in Lake Victoria, Uganda.

Plundering the third world’s native food supplies? In fact this is a tale with several levels of torridness, and if we didn’t acknowledge the documentary film Darwin’s Nightmare, we’d be ashamed of ourselves. Suffice to say that The Fish Soc is paying serious money for this magnificent fish and hopefully some of that is money is leaching back to the local economy.

The arrival of NP on The Fish Soc’s website should certainly make the day of one Pete Skinner, a Nile perch pesterer of at least two months’ standing. Pete! Where’s your order? And someone else had also asked for Nile Perch, not to mention “spotted featherback”.

LOL was the response at Billingsgate Exotics Limited when asked for spotted featherback. And not as in D Cameron. It even sounds like a spoof. I can imagine Michael Palin asking John Cleese for some spotted featherback. Where would they have taken that?

Somewhat disappointingly, however, spotted featherback turns out not to be a figment of fervid imagination. James tracked it down to Thailand and has been offered a containerful already. Very useful. 10 year’s requirement!

Meanwhile, fish?-you-must-be kidding? gives NP the thumbs up. You could have knocked James down with a feather.


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