The best turbots we’ve ever seen!

One perk of working for The Fish Society is the sheer pleasure of working with the very best fish. If you know anything about turbot then you’ll know that six kilos makes for a pretty magnificent specimen.

This week was an especially good week for fine fish, as James and co were graced with the presence of not one, but two of these excellent specimens. I don’t know who took this photo (ahem, BEN!), but they obviously hadn’t grasped the magnificence of the occasion.

James, with a look on his face of pure delightment!

According to James “We are without equal when it comes to turbot. It’s such an expensive fish that no-one really does a great volume of it. But we handle a lot of this fish and that means we understand it deeply, grade it carefully and always tell you exactly what you are going to get. Chris, tell them about our turbot guide. And the dinner party spec.”

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