It’s photo time

For some reason, last week the price of Dover soles (nice fish, you ought to try some) lurched downwards in Cornwall. James had been concerned that all those high-living dignitaries attending the Olympics would keep the price high all summer. So on this auspicious day, James bought A LOT. Look out for some Dover sole promotions.

This opportunistic purchase tested The Fish Soc just a bit because the same day required a planned could-not-put-off trip to buy various items at Billingsgate fish market. Just an average shopping list… brill, pouting, bass, turbot, gilt head bream, samphire, halibut, whiting, salmon, yellowtail, goosenecks, amandes, lobsters. Wall to wall wet fish all needing to be processed and frozen NOW!

And that wasn’t all. A photographer too had been booked, weeks earlier. “For some people shots for an about us page on our website.” said James.

Somehow it was all fitted in. The fish was filleted and frozen. The photos were taken.

And one day, maybe, we might even see that About Us page.

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