A guide to The Fish Society: where to go & what you’ll find

Feel free to click the image and visit us now! Alternatively, below are links to all the different sections of the site.

Talking to James last week (written in July), the sheer anticipation in his voice was impossible to ignore, and for good reason, I was to learn: the newly-fitted air-conditioning at The Fish Society headquarters was soon to be turned on, converting the “tin box” into somewhere that would no longer be boiling-hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. Good news when you spend all your time down there, unpacking fish or up in the office, answering customer queries! Of course, how good it would actually be remained to be seen…until suddenly James exclaimed “you are talking to me as the air-conditioning is turned on, it’s a momentous occasion!”. A momentous occasion indeed, and one marked by an enthusiasm in James’s voice that I had only ever before heard when discussing filleting fish (if there’s one thing The Fish Society knows about, it’s that).

After this, we got talking about what I’d write about this week, and suddenly an idea struck me: “How about a website review?” I said, to which James’s reply was: “Good idea, although you might not be able to fit everything in.” This gave me pause for thought. It quickly dawned on me how much there was to talk about. If you’ve been buying from The Fish Society for a while then you’ll be very aware of how much there is to look at!

So, it seemed I had set myself a rather large challenge…here I go with a brief overview which should help you navigate around the site (this is just a sample of what’s on offer — as well as this you’ll find 100 best fish recipes, which is totally free, and an FAQ section. Alongside this you’ll find a TV page where you can see the staff preparing fish, and a Wholesale section too).

1) First up there’s the Homepage, where you’re greeted by some great photos of the kind of fish on offer, as well as some buttons: MAIN FISH HALL, SPECIAL OFFERS, QUICKnEASY, DELIVERY and BLOG (you’re looking at it). Feel free to click the links to go straight to the site, or read on for a good idea of what you will find at those locations.

2) Click on the MAIN FISH HALL button and a drop-down menu will appear, asking you to select from price, name, eating experience or fish type. You can also search in the bar to the right (see image at top of this post), or search a-z/by name.

3) Now onto the SPECIAL OFFERS…where you’ll find some amazing discounted deals. We’re talking everything from smoked salmon to freshly cooked lobster! Now’s a great time to buy – what with as much as 30% off some fish – and as you scroll over the various deals, an explanation of the product comes up on the right, along with a photo. All this gives you a good idea of what’s available, without ever having to click away from the page.

4) Next up, we have the QUICKnEASY section, which has proved extremely popular (and is massive, I think you’ll agree!). If you just want a couple of items, and don’t need the food to arrive frozen, then this part of the site is where you need to be. Better still, there are no delivery charges unless you need your stuff to arrive on a Saturday.

5) Last up, we have the DELIVERY section, which is where you need to go to find out how to get your fish to arrive safely and timely. On this page is vital information concerning how to order from all the above categories. A must if you’ve opened an account with us, or are thinking of doing so in the near future.


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