Interesting recipe from Vancouver

I am a follower of yours in the United States. I have a recipe for fresh salmon (silver or other variety) which you may enjoy. Please try it and let me know how it works for you. It involves a small (1” thick x 12” long” 6” wide) piece of cedar. Red Cedar from the Northwest United States of Canada work the best. (I can send you some, if you so desire).

Cedar Planked Salmon, Native American Style (not to be confused with Water Boarded Salmon, a la Dick Cheney)

I salmon filet ( an entire side of salmon)
Fresh lemon slices
Rosemary sprigs
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Prepare cedar board by soaking it in water overnight or during the day, by placing in sink or clean bucket. The wood should be thoroughly soaked.
2. Take one salmon filet, salt and pepper it, and add the fresh lemon and rosemary sprigs on top.
3. Preheat Barbeque or oven broiler to high temperature.
4. Place salmon filet on top of board with all the fixings.
5. Broil until the meat turns orange, with the salmon fat protruding through the meat in round, white drops. (About 10 – 12 minutes)
6. IF the board is thoroughly soaked, or if on the BBQ the board has a bit of heavy duty aluminium foil covering the bottom, the board will be fine.
7. Serve and enjoy!!

A delicious side dish is a polenta with tomatoes, red peppers and onions. Or the traditional boiled red potatoes with a bit of dill sprinkled on them.

The Northwest Natives, or “First Peoples” cooked their salmon over red hot coals, on thick strips of cedar woven into a basket like holder. The cedar planks imitate this, and provide wonderful flavor and odors you won’t get any other way.


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