The Wine Society: matching great food with great wine

Lobster meat — ideal for loads of different recipes, and great with Chardonnay

What kind of food goes well with what kind of wine? It’s a common question we’ve all been puzzled by at some point. Matching fish with wine is just as tricky. What goes well with lobster might take the edge off another dish entirely, and sometimes, it seems like opinions are so conflicting that you’ll never get a proper answer.

Enter The Wine Society. 20 years ago, James tells me, The Fish Society were ever so slightly inspired by this company, who specialise in matching wine lovers with wine of the right type, variety and budget. Their new feature, which I’ve just been playing about with, is definitely worth a look if you’re after something to go with that nice piece of haddock or sea bass or salmon. Using the drop down menus on page 1 you can select which kind of fish or food you’re having, and on the next page you’ll be able to choose the price bracket of wine that works for you (less than £7 or £30 and over, for example). One click and you get a full list of suitable wines for as many as 30 kinds of fish. It’s also a handy tool if you have vegetarian guests, and will give you an idea in seconds of what goes well with lots of different desserts.

While this idea may not be welcomed by more serious wine buffs who already know exactly what they’re looking for, it does offer a great way of narrowing down the options for those in a hurry, or for people who are open to trying out lots of different kinds of wine.


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