The challenge of photographing fish

Fancy meeting this on a dark night?
Let’s have another go at that.

Like any online company, The Fish Society is no stranger to immortalizing its products via digital photos. Immortalising! But is it the right kind of immortalising?

Fish just is not very co-operative in the cause of looking good. The solution to this conundrum would seem obvious: take pictures of the fish while being cooked, or as an impressive specimen with fins and skin. But customers want to know what they’re getting, not what they’re going to make it into. And anyway, who’s going to pay for the chef to come in every time you need a new picture?

So you can never get too far away from the cod roe problem immortalised above. No matter how much experience you have with fish, it’s a never-ending job which takes ages to get right.

Taking pictures...again
Taking pictures…again

James told me was that using a flash is always a bad idea. The light bounces off and the fish looks anaemic. So in the end, it comes down to trying out lots of different ideas, props and angles.

You mean like this?

peeled scampi JC 8310


Slowly, we’ll get there:

The old anchovies picture…
…and the new one.

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