Worth a look: Fishing in Scotland


Meet Donald, a fisherman of 30 years who also runs Fishing in Scotland. We don’t usually recommend fishing blogs on here, for the simple reason that most of our readers are looking for fish to catch the easy way (fast, online, at home), as opposed to waiting for hours for their dinner (slow, outside, in the cold…something we’re sure Donald knows only too well about!).

Fishing in Scotland is a little bit different from most fishing blogs, though – for one it’s filled with pictures taken by the site’s owner, in and around rural Scotland, and for another it covers a whole lot more than fishing, including survival techniques, holidays, bushcraft and even accommodation. We had a look the other day and found everything from Bristol Bay’s Pebble Pledge to the villainous Keith the seal and even Rick Stein’s food (note: Keith the seal and Rick Stein’s food are mentioned separately! We know Rick can be adventurous, but seal-cuisine is going too far, even for him).

More to the point, Donald recently blogged twice about The Fish Society’s keta salmon Caviar, which he seems to be a big fan of. You can read the first one here and the latest installment here. Good to know it’s going down well in Scotland!


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