Beat that. Best batter article.

Someone has just asked why we don’t sell fish frying batter. There are two reasons: first, he’s the first person to ask. Second, I don’t do deep frying at home as I can’t bear the smell next day. So it has never occurred to me that our customers might want it. Doh.

But I do like chippy-style fish in batter. I like to cause a gaggle in our local fish and chip shop by walking in with a nice piece of fish for them to batter and fry. I remember going in with a turbot fillet a couple of years ago. They thought I had arrived from Planet Zog. Seriously, they had never heard of turbot.

We could be in for the same tonight. I’m going to take in two fillet steaks of zander.

I shall investigate adding a batter mix to our site, but in the course of my researches I found a superb article about fish batter on The Guardian website which I simply MUST record here. Well done Felicity Cloake. Here you go:

ScreenHunter Captured Image 1


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