This weekend: A touch of the blarney

With the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations almost upon us, here at Fish Society HQ we don’t need an excuse to doff caps in salute to our cousins from the Emerald Isle.

Each new batch of freshwater eels that arrive into our cold store is a reminder of the fantastic larder Ireland has to offer. Yes, it can be a bit of a slippery house guest but, James tells me, once you’ve tasted the wonderful, rich meat, you’ll be converted. And if a whole eel is too much to handle, we’ve got some ready to cook eel steaks, just perfect for roasting or poaching.

However, if this Sunday is an excuse to push the boat out a bit, how about dishing up a Dublin Lawyer? No, not a silver-tongued attorney in a wig and gown, we’re talking here about lobster baked with whiskey and cream. Yes it’s rich and boozy (so too, reputedly, was the legal eagle after which it was named!) but it’s a classic. And by trimming the portion size and dressing with a simple green salad, a cholesterol calamity can be averted.

Of course, as well as great food, the other passion that the Irish readily share with the world is horseracing. And giving Dublin Lawyer a run for its money is Rachel Allen’s Hot Buttered Lobster recipe. Her cooking sauce, made from a white wine and vegetable stock, is altogether lighter, and definitely worth a punt. You’ll find a recipe for Hot Buttered Lobster on our web pages.


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