Fish fit for a Pope

Almost a week into his new job, and there’s still plenty of intrigue surrounding the Vatican’s latest incumbent. We’ve heard he likes to cook his own meals and his culinary habits are on the humble side. Yet, word has it he’s been known to bless a kitchen, which suggests a certain enthusiasm for food. So this got us wondering about the piscatorial preferences of Pope Francis I.

Perhaps he’s partial to a fillet of surubi, pacu or boga – we hear those are the big fish in Buenos Aires’ Parana River. Well, we’re sorry, but we can’t offer any of those up. But if freshwater fish is the right zone His Holiness would definitely be tempted by some trout. And should he have a few house guests to entertain over the coming weeks, our whole carp would surely content a conclave of cardinals.

Now he’s moved to St Peter’s, perhaps someone will be tempted to serve up John Dory, which also goes by the name of Peter’s Fish’. The Dory has a dark spot on its side which is supposedly the thumb-print left by Peter during his career as a fisherman. But they had better beware: at £95 a kilo, humble it is not! Maybe they should consider haddock, another fish boasting St.Peter’s thumbprint. We don’t think the cooks of the Curia would get into trouble with £23 a kilo haddock. In fact if they came to us for a saver pack, we could reduce this to just £18 a kilo. And what a jolly fine fish it is.

At any rate, if the pescivendolo of Rome are found wanting, rest assured, The Fish Society will be more than happy to step in.
john_dory         haddock

Spot the difference: John Dory (top) and Haddock (bottom)



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