Smoked haddock eggsactly right for Easter

With Easter almost upon us, we’re very busy at Fish Palace. Yet somehow we found time yesterday to perfect the recipe for our very own Easter egg. It went down a storm with the staff. 16 eggs made. 16 eggs eaten. just like that. Sophie Blair, hold back!

While our Smoked Haddock Egg may not cause Cadbury to quake, it might set off a few quivers among Fish Society members. Filled with a delicious ricotta and spinach mix, it will make an attention-grabbing addition to any meal. And if the sun does decide to make an appearance (hope springs eternal) these eggs would happily stow away for a picnic.

Of course a photo never does a recipe justice (you’ll have to trust us on this one), but we hope a few of you might be tempted to make your own Smoked Haddock Eggs this weekend. Or, if you’re a traditionalist, you could serve up the same smoked haddock fillet in a classic breakfast Kedgeree.It would be a perfect way to start Easter Day.

Er, did you ever see our fish for breakfast selection?

Our fishy twist on the Scotch Egg 


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