The Perfect Scampi Shot

Earlier this week at The Fish Palace our fish took part in a photo shoot! We chose a selection of models to reinvent themselves in a different style to update our website and for our new catalogue.

Photographing fish is never an easy task. To capture their features, such as colour and texture either in raw or cooked form is a skill that our talented photographer certainly managed this week with our popular model Peeled Scampi.

Scampi is the meat from inside the tail of the langoustine. Our scampi is taken from large Scottish fish and is unadulterated by any of the dubious “make them look bigger” techniques so prevalent with scampi. This grade is rarely seen outside the smartest restaurants and hotels, and despite the price, this is one of our most popular items.

Our previous photo displayed the Peeled Scampi laid out looking very pale on little gem lettuce leaves. Not the most inviting plate of appetisers we have seen!

peeled scampi JC 8310

Then with a spot of styling from Fern and the camera skills of Danielle – both assisted by “golden trainers Millicent” and perhaps too by early rays of spring sunshine – ‘Hey Presto!’ we have a photo that makes your mouth water.

Scampi 2

Our Peeled Scampi saver pack is a perfect choice for a supper with friends.


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