Eating Fish is Good For you

Eating less meat and more fish in your diet can make a positive impact on your diet. Much of the research on the benefits of fish stem from research on Inuit natives and their high consumption of salmon with a correspondingly low rate of heart disease. Over time we’ve come to understand that this is because they are eating fish that are high    in monounsaturated fats, especially Omega 3 fats.

There’s lots of research on the power of fish to prevent heart disease.This means fatty fish or “dark fish” like tuna, salmon, sardinesswordfish,or mackerel  which are all high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

With Spring finally ‘Sprung’ and the lighter evenings, we are now thinking of more active evenings, getting fit and trim for the summer. The running shoes and the dusty bicycles are getting an airing. Salads and spring vegetables are making their way to our dinner tables instead of hearty winter warming pies etc. So with our vast range of fish to choose from, with the help of some of our recipes fish is no longer ‘just for Fridays’ but very much part of our weekly shop.



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