Paella Fun in May

May has arrived and seems to have brought the sun with it. With Bank Holiday Monday approaching and outdoor entertaining in mind, why not stand out from the crowd, avoid the bangers on the barbie and have a go at a paella dish.

Anyone who has been on holiday to Spain will have experienced paella, perhaps with a glass of Rioja or two! Paella originates from the Valencia region of Spain. A rice based dish combining locally sourced seafood and the meat from the farm, a centrepiece for a family gathering. Traditionally in days gone by paella was cooked on a Sunday, the woman’s day off, so the men cooked the dish.


So if seeing this lovely photo brings back holiday memories flooding back and you wish to recreate your little bit of Spain in the garden this weekend…..What could be easier?We have our very own Paella Kit with all the vital ingredients; Spanish paella rice, saffron, clams, mussels, king prawns, squid, monkfish, chorizo sausage, chicken breast. And full instructions! All you need to add are vegetables, lemons and olive oil, plus some mixture of wine, water and fish stock. You can add to the authenticity of this traditional dish with one of our Paella Pans. When you give it a go, please let us know how tasty it was, Adios!


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