Turbot day

Marc was up before the birds the other morning and off to Billingsgate Fish Market in the hunt for wild turbot. He returned with a plentiful catch of superb large fish. The average weight was  6.5 kilos. These were monsters! The wild turbot from this shopping spree was caught off the Cornish coast.

Then the real work began…..filleting and portioning. There is no wastage when preparing these fish. We sell the heads for soup making, any misshapes for pies or stir fries, and the we use the skeletons for our fish stock.

Marc expertly prepared each wild turbot. The Fish Society prides itself on quality and consistency; so when you order two servings they will be equal in shape as well as weight. This shape bit is a real challenge as you inevitaby get huge variations in shape.

We thought you might like to see the process…

A whole wild turbot prepared for portioning.
Whole fillets awaiting portioning.
After cutting fillet in two, here come individual steaks.
Weigh each one to ensure our packs contain equal-size steaks
Also match for shape
Voila. This is the yield from one fish.

These fillet steaks were then vacuum-packed, labelled and frozen.

We have more information on Wild Turbot on;


and a recipe link below;



One Reply to “Turbot day”

  1. Sitting outside The Old Point Inn in Angle Pembroke, a magic spot, a member of an adjoining family said ” I must go to the Bank” A small child asked ” Is that the Turbot Bank?”
    What a good upbringing, the Turbot are superb.


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