Where are the Wallis & Futuna Islands?

About 1,200 miles west of Australia, it turns out. Population 15,000. And their significance? You have to try very hard to avoid stupid output from a website.James here, in reflective mood, wondering why my book about the British Museum’s Pompeii exhibition hasn’t turned up since I bought it online two months ago. My tickets are for this weekend. Yes, I know I should have been alive to this earlier. But I plead too busy. Our new catalogue has been an epic.

So, no Pompeii book. I dig out the original order confirmation email. The address on it is my complete normal UK address including post code, followed by “Wallis & Futuna Islands”?!? Presumably, my book has gone there.

Did I do that? Perhaps Wallis and Futuna was the country after United Kingdom in the drop down list (however, that would suggest unkindness to Vatican  – although that one could be THE Vatican – but definitely to Vanuatu – see map). But however it came about – that my address went down as Wallis & Futuna – they really should have a system of sorting out this kind of nonsense. A sense checker.

My colleague Kims spend several hours a day checking our online orders. Just reading them over… Did that person really mean to have that order delivered on August 27th? So we ring them and check. Does this person really want 22 packs of herring melts? That kind of thing. Essential.

I bet they have some nice fish there.

Wallis & Fotuna


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