What’s in your clam chowder?


(James here) We’ve just added this item to our list. It’s made by John Lusty, a famous name in quality soups which I thought had died and gone to heaven years ago. For years, we have had to buy our lobster bisque from Germany. However, I recently discovered Lusty had made a comeback under new owners.

I bought a few of their items on the spot including a clam chowder, a classic American dish that I have always wanted to include in our range. The shipment arrived today and we have been it and updating our website.

I was about to use the term New England Clam Chowder when I thought I should check Lusty’s ingredient list with various sources on the web.

Thank heavens for The New England Clam Chowder Compendium. This would have been more than a faux pas.

For the full story, start here.


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