Our New Catalogue

There was much excitement this week, after a few months of hard work from all the team our new catalogue has finally arrived from the printers. With such a vast range on offer it was hard to decide how best to display some of our finest fish.

Some of our customers like to have a ‘touchy feely’ experience when deciding what they wish to buy. Our new catalogue certainly offers that.

In the opening we explain the cuts of fish, so that you are fully aware of exactly what to expect when you order from us.

Some of the photos show the vibrancy colours in some of the fish, such as the mackerel, lobster and the tempting display of the mouth-watering paella.

The catalogue is categorised to help you quickly pinpoint the fish you are looking for. Browsing through the glossy pages can help you decide your weekly menu planning and inspire ideas for upcoming dinner parties, or dare I say it if this glorious weather keeps up….a BBQ! It is not all about meat on the Barbie, many fish cook beautifully on the BBQ. Why not try sardines, salmon or even our peeled prawns on a skewer.

We are sending our new catalogue out with new orders, but if you would like to see one to see what tempts you just give us a call and we will pop one in the post. A must for the modern kitchen.

Spred med


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