This season’s wild salmon has arrived!

Our wild salmon is caught in Scotland and Northumberland and the 2013 season stocks have arrived and are all expertly prepared ready to buy.

Wild salmon is one of those sublime foods that seem to be loved by everyone, it tastes more robust than farmed salmon. with a rich texture and distinct colour.

wild salmon

Our on the bone wild salmon steaks are just perfect for the BBQ on a summer’s evening. We also have wild salmon tail pieces, wonderful to roast with seasonal herbs an vegetables. This is what food writer Jane Grigson says in her great book ‘Fish Cookery’ –

“In restaurants, at weddings and parties, I have often eaten the middle cut with pleasure, but when I have to put my own money down on the fishmonger’s counter, it’s the moister and better flavoured tailpiece that I buy.”


If you choose to buy a whole wild salmon and prepare it your self, we thought you may like to take a look at our very popular YouTube video on how to fillet a wild salmon. Even if you are not confident enough to give it a go it is fun to see how your fillets are prepared before they get to your kitchen.


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