The price of fish

From: Brian Anone
Sent: 14 June 2013 16:49
Subject: Re: Your Fish Society order – 760XX

I have just realised that I am an idiot having paid £95 a kilo for John Dory how can you charge such an extortionate price for a fish that normally retail at around £17 a kilo?


On 14 June 2013 17:15, James Smith <> wrote:

Hello Brian

I’d hesitate to call you an idiot, but I detect that you’re calling us a bunch of burglars. So I’d like to point a few things out starting with this: you are mistaken. You cannot possibly buy John Dory fillet for £17.

You might buy some SMALL and WHOLE John Dory for £17. Many fishmongers price their fish whole as it sounds a lot cheaper. But when they fillet it, you will only walk away with 300g of fillet per 1000g of fish.

We pay £12-£14 per kg for whole John Dory in wholesale quantities. This is for extra large Dory, the only size we sell. Our whole fish weigh a minimum of 2kgs. It is very rare to see such magnificent  fish for sale in retail outlets.They usually go straight to the restaurant trade.

We could buy small John Dory for £7 a kilo or even £5 on a good day. But that size is a travesty.

When you fillet a John Dory, the yield is about 30%. The head is very large and the flesh is thin. The skeleton is a distressingly large part of the fish. Accordingly, the cost of the fillets is £47 per kilo (£14/30%). That’s before labour costs and overheads. I’d say our John Dory fillets stands us at about £60 per kg all-in.

You might be able to buy the same item (that is, a fillet from a large, good quality John Dory) for less, but you would have to be in the right place, on the right day, with a supplier who has more stock than he really wants. Whereas we offer it to you “on demand”. And every now and again we offer it at 20% off.

I think our price is fair.

James Smith


From: Brian Anone
Sent: 14 June 2013 17:47
To: James Smith
Subject: Re: Your Fish Society order – 760XX IMPORTANT INFORMATION

James, you make a fair point and I concede that maybe I am not an idiot and I certainly did not feel you were burglars, just at the top end of the price point!



One Reply to “The price of fish”

  1. I would just like to point out that my husband and I ate in a seafood resteraunt in Palma . The John Dory there was 65 euros a kilo so I’m glad that James has explained and I now see why we paid a lot of money for our meal , and it was magnificent 😉


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