Our New Labels

Here at The Fish Society’s HQ we are always looking for improvement. The labelling on our fish has to conform with regulations however we strive to produce a label that is customer friendly to accompany our quality fish. In our efforts before now we have maybe tried to give too much information in a limited area. In a recent creative ‘Pow wow’ we have come up with a cleaner look with an added QR code.

Below is the old existing label format, as clear as it may seem here on our blog, when all this information with small font is stuck on a pack of frozen fish it can be hard to read for some.

Downstairs fish label OLD Small

Hours of discussion and negotiation within our creative and sales teams developed the new format below.

Downstairs fish label NEW

I’m sure you will agree this is so much clearer to read. For those of you with Smartphones etc the QR code will come in very handy to read the recipe, alternatively we have given you a quick code to find an accompanying recipe on our website very easily.

So when you next order, look out for our new labelling and we are always keen to hear your feedback. Just email james@thefishsociety.co.uk

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