We love ’em

From: Marjorie
Sent: 26 July 2013 02:57
To: jamessmith@thefishsociety
Subject: I dunno…

I’ve lost track with you people a bit. I’ve had some good stuff from you in the past, when I’ve been feeling a bit extravagant (mainly smoked products). But giant crab claws that you can cut with scissors as one of your highlighted offers makes me want to dive to the bottom of the rock pool.

To me, it’s a horrible market that you appear to be aiming at. The bling-bling but can’t be arsed sort of people.

I wish you didn’t. Certainly your promo e-mails haven’t inspired me to look any further for a good while now.


From: James Smith
Sent: 26 July 2013 11:12
To: Marjorie
Subject: RE: I dunno…

Hello Denise

I enjoyed reading this. It rather has the look of a three in the morning rant. No offence intended.

We’re always pushing those giant crab sections because we have a huge ongoing stream of them. They are a bi-product from a much more popular product. We’ve already brought the price down to the bargain basement, but they also need a lot of promotion to move them in the quantities in which we necessarily accumulate them.

However, Marjorie, we do sell another 300 items including those you like and indeed we feature these too in our marketing emails.

Nevertheless, we’ll take a rain check on our emails to make sure we are not overlooking the could-be arsed.

All the best

James Smith

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