Can’t win em all

From: James Smith
Date: Thursday, 1 August 2013 16:56
To: Kristian W
Subject: lobsters for your birthday

Hello Kristian

Thanks for your enquiry. Normally we offer only whole frozen lobsters. However we would give your order the following special treatment.

I can’t find a supplier who is willing to commit to having 15 lobsters of the size you desire next week. So following is on basis of us supplying EITHER

30 x 700g fish OR 15 x 1400g fish.

These are cooked weights, which are smaller than live weights.

The lobsters would be delivered to us live from the coast next Wednesday. We would cook them on the Wednesday. On the Thursday, we would split them for you, wrap them individually and despatch them to you with under sealed ice gel packs.

So they would arrive fresh, not frozen, on the Friday. You would keep them in the box in which they arrived until serving. There would be plenty of gel ice in the box to keep them chilled until needed.

To provide 30 perfect servings, you would need in our view 35 to 40 servings to select from. This is because some lobsters are imperfect (too little meat, etc) but you only know this when they have been split. We would cook sufficient lobsters on the Wednesday to be sure you had 30 perfect servings.

Our website price for a 1400g cooked lobster is £46/kg. (To get a 1400g cooked lobster, you need to start with a 1550g live lobster.) The nominal price for your order would therefore be £966 (15 x 1.4 x £46). For this large order, we would charge you £890 including delivery.

For 700g lobsters we charge £42 per kg. Our delivered price in this instance would be £850. The discount is smaller as there is a lot more work in the splitting.

We would need to know whether you wanted the claws whole or shelled. Shelled claws would be positioned in the cleaned lobster’s head. We would recommend this. If necessary, we can fine tune the dates and weights set out above.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


James Smith


From: Kristian W
Sent: 01 August 2013 16:59
To: Aames Smith
Subject: Re: lobsters for your birthday

No thanks that’s way overpriced by 500 !!


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