A Tale of Two Tins…

Background: Customer wrote us a fantastic review. We sent him a freebie by post of 2 tins of fish. We didn’t tell hom they were coming. He acknowledged as follows:

Hello Fish Society!

Many thanks for the gift of two tins of sardines. My wife, who was raised in Vietnam, had been grumbling about the kids banging the house doors as the handles were damaging the walls, so I ordered two white rubber door stops from Amazon. Believing your package contained these, I handed it unopened to my daughter’s boyfriend, asking him telling him to screw them behind the kitchen and lounge doors, as it would stop the damage and make my wife happy. Later, I heard discussion and my daughter’s boyfriend telling Dominique ‘Maybe this is what they use in Vietnam’.

Intervening prior to any damage to the sardines with a Black & Decker drill, and after considering sending a pithy email to Amazon suggesting they were taking their company name too seriously, I found the enclosed note and the surreal moment passed.

The sardines were delicious, and when the doorstops arrived next day and were not mistaken for clams, my wife was doubly happy. Thanks again for your kindness, much appreciated. We will be re-ordering next week – ghaa, now if only Amazon sold freezer locks.

Very best wishes from London


PS from James at The Fish Soc

This is not an invitation to write us a fantastic review for reward. We have 487 fantastic reviews but these 2 tins were the only thankyou ever made for a review.


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