Caught Red Handed

What a catch! This week at Fish Palace we took delivery of a gleaming shoal of red scorpionfish, also known as rascasse (scorpaena scrofa). It’s been five years since they were last sold on our website, as they are incredibly difficult to get hold of in the UK. For those who claim expertise of French cuisine, you’ll know that rascasse is one of the main ingredients in bouillabaisse, the traditional Provençal fish stew originating in the port city of Marseille..


Legend has it that a similar dish to bouillabaisse was created by the Phoceans, the Ancient Greeks who founded Marseille in 600BC. The dish known today as bouillabaisse was created by local fishermen, wanting to use up the less expensive, bony rockfish from their nets. It was cooked in a cauldron of bubbling sea water over a wood fire, and seasoned with garlic and fennel.


Thankfully, modern bouillabaisse is made with a little more flavour! As Marseille became more prosperous in the 19th century, the ingredients grew to include fish stock and saffron. We love Michel Roux’s recipe, which includes conger eel and John Dory.

Fancy brewing a cauldron of bouillabaisse yourself?
We have a range of rascasse cuts on offer here!



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