Swedish Fancies…

It’s not all mackerel fillets and crab claws at Fish Palace – we have a few intriguing products from across the North Sea that are rather unique…

Aside from IKEA and ABBA, Sweden is famous for a curious little condiment that has taken the world by storm: smörgåskaviar. It’s fish roe spread (usually sturgeon or salmon) squeezed into what appears to be a toothpaste tube, and is a hugely popular filling for sandwiches and crackers. While fish paste may sound like something from Miss Marple, smörgåskaviar is something different; its flavoured with salt, sugar, mustard and a range of herbs, and admirers claim it’s a great source of protein!


We love smörgåskaviar so much that we’ve put them on special offer for you to try! We sell Sweden’s favourite brand Kalles Kaviar, plus a couple of others with smoked salmon, smoked herring and tuna läcker!

Why not try something new and join the scandi trend?


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