All you need is Love & Caviar

Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar; never spread it about like marmalade.
Noel Coward

Caviar has long been the delicacy of choice for exuberant occasions; who wouldn’t savour these salted pearls from the dark depths of the ocean? The name originates from the Turkish khavyar, but the sturdy sturgeon has been part of man’s diet for 250 million years. Once reserved strictly for royalty, it found a place in American saloons in the 19th century, where it was served to encourage beer sales with its salty flavour!

For those looking for something a little more original this Valentine’s Day, forget the oysters, chocolates and heart-shaped pizza. We’ve got seven luxurious varieties of exquisite caviar in stock at Fish Palace, including our fresh No.1 Baerii from Siberian sturgeon which is on offer for a sparkling £31.90 (usually £39.90). Most caviar companies give their products names like Imperial or Tsar’s Own. We don’t believe in dressing up something that is already magnificent, so ours are simply labelled with numbers, just like Chanel…

If you’re trying to seduce someone special this February, why not try whipping up a batch of chive blinis with caviar and soured cream? Or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, this recipe for crab ravioli with mussels and potato mariniere, spinach and caviar is sure to impress. Not one for cooking? Nothing beats candlelit caviar from the jar – we’ve even got traditional white shell spoons to enhance the taste.

food09_rappahannockPhoto Source


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