Holy Abalone!

 Have you ever wondered where mother-of-pearl is found? It’s in the shell of the humble abalone, a large, edible sea snail. These shells have been used as decorative items in jewellery, buttons, buckles and inlay for thousands of years; they have been found in archaeological sites around the world from a 75,000 year old cave in South Africa to historic Chinese abalone middens in California’s Northern Channel Isles. IMG_4140

For those unperturbed by trinkets, they fortunately also make a delicious meal! The meaty ‘foot’ of the abalone has a similar texture to calamari – I sliced mine up and pan-fried it with garlic, chilli, lemon and salt. Sadly, abalone numbers are struggling around the world and need protecting, so fishermen are given a limited number of little blue tags to attach to their catch to ensure they don’t sell more than their quota. Mother-of-pearl_internal-beads_hgYou can buy these shimmering little treats on our website, where we sell wild abalone from Brittany. Afterwards, you can turn the shell into an incense holder!


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