The salmon are running…

The first few months of the ‘2016 wild salmon and sea trout season’ were sedate to say the least. The big players at Billingsgate were eking out 50 fish a day when they might have been expecting 500.

The tables seemed to turn around in mid-July as the season really started moving in the right direction. As the fish flowed down south to the markets, restaurants and ultimately dinner plates, prices became more realistic and we could start buying the prized fish at the right price.

As the season gets going we buy our wild salmon and sea trout from a range of suppliers.  Spreading our eggs among suppliers enables us to have the pick of the best quality fish and maintain stability in our supply chain – keeping British BBQs well stocked through the summer months.

We have been really pleased with the fish caught and sent down from Keith and his first mate Lee who have been catching salmon and trout for us from Northumberland on the England-Scotland border. It’s always a pleasure working directly with the fisherman to get them the best prices and us the best fish.  Below is a picture of the pair pulling in their nets last month, probably with one of our fish in it1The season is now flowing freely, the prices have stabilised, and we want to share our fish with as many people as possible. That is why we are putting a 10% discount on the wild salmon and a 20% discount on the wild sea trout.

Whole Salmon Ice BG


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