More than just a fillet…

The Fish Society sells over 400 ‘generics’. A generic is normally a specific cut of fish, of which there might be four or more per species.  For instance cod ‘generics’ are as follows (excluding smoked cod and cod roe…)

  1. Fillets
  2. Fillet steaks
  3. On the bone steaks
  4. Bullets
  5. Cheeks
  6. Misshapes


  • Bullet – thickest part of the fillet with the biggest muscle flakes
  • Fillet steak – neat squarish piece of fish which always looks the part
  • Fillet portion slightly less desirable than fillet steaks.
  • Belly or ventresca discarded from smaller fish but on large fish – such as salmon and black cod – is very desirable, rich in oils. The Fish Society cuts the pin bone strip out (the row of dots)
  • Misshapes are also known as offcuts
  • Cheeks – not shown – similar pieces but finer. From the cheeks of large fish.

All the above cuts are only taken from large fillets, aiming for cut sizes (portions) of 100-300g

Fillets under 300g are normally sold as whole fillets. For expensive fish such as red mullet, we will normally remove pinbones.

For a full list of the 100 species The Society supplies, plus styles and accessories head to our shop.


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