A GREAT entry for our March competition. Enter your pictures of your seafood dishes to win.

Please keep reading below about Yoonji and Seukhoon experience with us and about their exciting meals.

The fish society gives us amazing experience in the UK. We are a married couple from South Korea, and here for our postgraduate study for four years. As I, myself am from a southern coastal town, and my husband from a western coastal town, we used to eat lots of, and indeed a variety of seafoods, which we would have desperately missed our home it had not been without you. Having heard that you are holding a competition for photos this month, we decided to send photos of dishes we have sourced from the fish society and enjoyed so far. It would absolutely be our pleasure to share how the fish society has made our dinner time in the UK home-like, and also run a chance to win a voucher. We have particularly enjoyed your fresh global fish, like octopus tentacles, baby octopus, silver pomfret, freshwater eel steaks, not to mention seaweed, snow crabs, cod roe, mackerel, cod cheek, abalone – it gets countless!

In below, we share our photo with some personal stories attach to the food in my home’s culture. The photos are numbered which corresponds to the numbers I mark for the stories.

1. Baby octopus for spring in East Asian style
Baby octopus is a loved ingredient in Spring time in S. Korea. Cooked with various spring time vegetables, like chief, baby octopus is well known to wake up and boost the energy to give a fresh and energetic start of the year. Baby octopus shabu-shabu would be the right way to fully enjoy the texture of seasonal baby octopus and the aroma of various seasonal vegetables. Another beloved baby octopus cooking is to stir-fry with vegetables with hot pepper sauce, known as gochu-jang. Serve the spicy baby octopus with white noodle to balance the flavor.

2. Pan-grilled mackerel with soy sauce dip
Pan-grilled mackerel has a nick name of Mac-meat in S. Korea. The origin of its nick name dates back to the 1960s, when labour city workers and poor university students could not afford grilled meat. Instead, people enjoyed grilled mackerel near the port, appeasing themselves as if they had been enjoying grilled meat. Pan-grilled mackerel with soy dipping sauce is a very popular dish, especially in my home town where over 90% of mackerel is sourced for domestic consumption and where mackerel could be served at the freshest condition. Cooking with very fresh mackerel fillet without any seasoning – no oil, no salt, no pepper, just soy dip after cooking – is the sole secrete for the best taste, which I could get at the fish society.

2.Pan-grilled mackerel

3. Silver Pomfret
We were indeed amazed to find pomfret at the fish society. Silver Pomfret is a seasonal fish in Autumn time in S. Korea. And with little doubt the best way to enjoy the fresh, seasonal ingredient is to cook it as it is – oven baked without seasoning. Silver Pomfret is white fish without much fat, so the secret tip would be to cover the surface with thin layer of oil.

3.Silver Pomfret

4. Feel Jeju island: octopus tentacles, abalone, urchin roe
In Jeju, the remote Southern island in S. Korea, there are female divers, or hae-nyeo in Korean, who have traditionally harvested abalone, octopus, sea urchins, oysters etc. in the sea without the aid of oxygen tank on their back. Specially trained, they are known to go deep down in the sea while holding their breath for harvest. The number of traditional hae-nyeo is declining, but each small town in Jeju’s coastal area supports their life by running seafood restaurants sourced from female divers. Now sourced from the fish society, we enjoyed Jeju-style dinner one day, with octopus salad, steamed abalone with butter sauce, abalone porridge, and uni soup with wakame (seaweed).

4.Feel Jeju with octopus, abalone and uni

5. Asian al caprawns and snow crab
It was my husband’s birthday in late winter time, and again, that is a perfect season for snow crab in our home, S. Korea. Freshly delivered from the fish society, and already cooked, we just re-heated snow crabs in the steam pot for 5 minutes, while super-dooper king prawns are oven-baked on top of the bed of sea salt. Great flavor and texture, not to mention that they are prepared easy to eat – not so much messy on the table.

5.Asian al caprawns with snow crab

By now we feel regrettable that we have so often rushed to start dinning and missed photo-taking for this competition. We are indeed always delighted to shop at the fish society, amazed by a wide range of fresh sea food reaching far East Asian cuisine, and stunned by quick and guaranteed next day delivery. (We also agree and support your recycling policy of Styrofoam box!)”


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