About The Fish Society

We are the UK’s premier mail order and online fishmonger. We deliver fish and seafood to your door. We do not sell fresh fish – with a very few exceptions such as pickled and tinned fish, all our fish is frozen. We believe our top quality frozen fish is indistinguishable from fresh when it is cooked and on the plate… and often even if uncooked, since we sell an awful lot of sashimi to raw fish consumers who are obviously the most demanding of all fish eaters.


Our range of high quality online fresh frozen fish and online seafood includes smoked fish, organic fish and gourmet shellfish. These are all at your convenience via our online fishmongers. And with equally convenient delivery to your door. (By the way, the stilted and repetitive words on this home page are primarily directed at internet search engines, not humans. If you click on SHOP, we hope you will find the words less tedious. Fingers X’d!)
We supply restaurant-grade professionally frozen fish and gourmet seafood to our members and ensure that they have access to the widest variety of fresh fish and seafood online, smoked fish online, fish fillets, whole fish and crustaceans online – for instance 10 kinds of crab and 20 kinds of prawn.

We want to delight you every time you eat our frozen fish and seafood from our online fishmongers shop. We never compromise on quality when we buy fish and seafood for our fishmonger counter. We are usually able to buy larger, restaurant-grade fish and seafood,  which makes for a more satisfying fish to eat. And if you are not satisfied with any of our fish or seafood we will refund you. That’s GUARANTEED.

All our fish is frozen. We passionately believe that unless you live on the quayside where the fish is landed, FROZEN fish is better than FRESH fish. Freezing fish of the highest quality soon after it is landed ensures that the quality is locked in. We defy you to tell the difference between our frozen fish and top quality fresh fish, when it is cooked and on the plate.
As fishmongers, we usually have in stock all our members favourites, including wild salmon fillets, halibut fillet steaks, whole lemon sole, John Dory fillets and many more. We stock many gourmet smoked fish (including smoked salmon, smoked eel fillets, Arbroath smokies, and kippers). Browse our members’ favourite smoked fish – the list is sure to include what you are looking for. As a fishmonger we supply a variety of gourmet seafood including huge Indian Ocean prawns, scampi which are strangers to breadcrumbs, jellied eels, freshly cooked lobsters and crab. Don’t miss the Special Offers at our online fish counter.
To buy fish or seafood from our online fish counter, simply click on the fish you require and pay securely. For delivery of our fish and seafood, we use a NEXT DAY service and special packaging including “dry ice”. This ensures your fish and seafood remains frozen en-route.

How about a fish recipe, cookery book or claw crackers to go with your purchase? Yes! We have these too. The Fish Society – your artisan fishmonger – not only offers you a wide choice fish and seafood, but also a collection of recipes, fish and seafood cookery books and accessories.


4 Replies to “About The Fish Society”

  1. Hi,
    I’m thinking of starting an aquaponics farm in the UK, and after a lot of research have found out that perch can be an ideal species for aquaponics. Any ideas why perch aren’t more popular in the UK? I find it strange that this good eating fish isn’t more sought after.
    I’ve also been considering zander, although I’m not sure how easy it would be to farm because of its predatory nature. When I tried zander in France I wondered why it was not available here in the UK, and a quick google search turned up quite a few people discussing this as an unfilled niche in the market.
    Any help gauging which species of fish would be good would be appreciated, and your society seems like a good place to start!
    Thanks a lot,
    P.S. If this venture is successful would you like me to send some samples your way?


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