What does The Fish Society do?

The Fish Society does not sell aquariums, fish for your pond, or any kind of fish equipment for your fish-tank. If you’re looking for courses on how to cook fish, or to buy angling equipment, you’re in the wrong place! The only fish you can buy from the online store are of the filleted/whole/freshly prepared variety, and every single fish that comes through the door is checked and double-checked before being frozen and sent to its very lucky customer.

Does The Fish Society sell fresh fish? I quite like fresh fish

No it doesn’t. We wish we could but it’s just not possible. All the fish we sell is frozen and should arrive at your door more or less fully frozen.

What happens if the fish I order arrives and is defrosted?

If the fish you order arrives defrosted then we haven’t done our job properly. But please use your dicretion! Much as we make every single possible effort to ensure that the fish is kept completely frozen, or rare occasions, it may arrive having started to thaw. This is nothing to panic about. If you do feel concerned then please get in touch as soon as possible. Please note that we cannot do much about fish unless you tell us right away.

I have a complaint about The Fish Society. What do I do about it?

We’ve always taken complaints very seriously. We love what we do, and we hate to hear of a customer who isn’t completely satsfied, so do please get in touch! You can do this by email by visiting our site here or by calling us on 01428 687768. We don’t bite, and in the rare situations that something isn’t right, one of our team will be happy to discuss it with you. To read more about our team, please see the relevant page at the top of this blog.

Can I visit The Fish Society? I’d like to see where the fish comes from

Generally speaking, we don’t allow visitors to our headquarters in Witley. This isn’t because we wouldn’t like to. We’d love nothing more than to have customers drop by. Our issue is deadlines and deliveries. We’re always dealing with either one or the other, and when we’re not dealing with that we’re on the phone or updating our website. Then again, if you live locally then we might be able to arrange a quick visit, so if you’d like to, there’s a chance that it can be arranged.

Can I pick my fish up to avoid paying the postage and packaging costs?

If you love locally or are in the area, this shouldn’t be a problem. But again, like visits from customers, this isn’t something we generally allow for the most part. We’ve spent a long time perfecting our order & delivery process, and ensuring it runs smoothly takes up all of our time!

I live abroad. Can I still order from you? You are quite clearly the best, but don’t get a big-head

Yes, you most definitely can! We frequently ship overseas to many happy customers, and our packaging is designed to keep your fish cool so that we can get it to you in good condition, no matter where you are.

I’d like to do some work experience at The Fish Society. Is this something you do?

That’s a very good question. We hadn’t thought of that…OK, how’s about this? Give us a call and we’ll see what we think. We can’t promise anything though…things are pretty hectic most of the time here!

You’re called The Fish Society, but do you sell anything other than fish? I quite like snails, for example

Well…funny you should say that, actually. We do sell a lot of other things. In fact, we recently started selling snails and they are proving popular. We also sell various sauces and other fish-related items that you might not expect.



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